It's About The Way We Work

That makes all the difference!

Welcome to Net Island. We are an Internet services company with over a decade of experience. We’ve been here, creating websites, corporate identities, helping businesses grow with ever efficient online systems, and much more besides, since 2000.

With such a mammoth amount of experience and talent, it’s little wonder that our services are used and respected by businesses all around the world, including radio stations, estate agencies, local councils and companies of all sizes. We understand the needs of businesses, because, of course, we are one ourselves.

And we understand that money isn’t a limitless commodity (boy, do we wish it was!). That’s why we will build your website to your exacting standards and wishes, and that includes delivering it within your budget. No hidden surprises, no nasty shocks. We’ll be realistic about what we can do and we’ll work together to make sure you get the right product, as described!


Why Choose Us

We work in an informal, easy to grasp way and we guarantee that, should you be unhappy with the direction we are taking, you can simply walk away. Not until you actually agree that we’re getting it right will your contract with us be binding. We’ve a wealth of experience. A massive pool of talent. We’re also pretty easy to work with too. We’ll get to know you, and your business, before we begin creating your website.

We also run our own servers and network. That makes us fairly unique. Imagine you have a technical issues at 10.00 at night. You call your design team, but they can’t help you because they use a third party to host your website. It’s not their fault of course. Their intentions may be perfectly good, but the company that they use to get you online may not be so adaptable to your needs.

So, we do it differently. Your website, your emails, you entire operation is at our finger tips, making us your absolute one stop choice.

Perhaps it’s the way we do business with you that sets us out from the rest. For example, did you know that all of our new clients get an accurate appraisal of the work we will do for them, and then we’ll show them exactly what we will do with real life graphics and mock ups? Very few other design businesses promise to charge you absolutely nothing until we’ve proved we can deliver our promises. It’s a difference that can make all the difference to you too.

Imagine spending your hard earned cash on a designer only to discover they aren’t anywhere near what you wanted or hoped for. Imagine finally having to find another designer, or worse, simply ‘making do’ with the one you’ve got because you know you’ll lose money if you leave them now.

This will never happen with us

The Best Of Professionals

Make no mistake about this. We’re web professionals. We create using the latest techniques, we support using the latest skills, and we stay with you every step of the way because that’s what we think is right. That’s what we do.

Your web services will be stored securely, your website delivered by using Dell servers that do not exceed 3 years of age, and on a robust network that we run in-house. If your services depend on data, like an online shop for example, we’ll back up your data every week – automatically. Just in case you forget.

No one will take better care of you. It’s the way we have operated since day one, and it is why so many of our customers stay with us. We never want to give you a reason to look elsewhere. Our care, our attention to your needs. It’s what makes Net Island what it is. A great British company that cares about the way we do things.