Let Us Take Care Of You

With talent and tools, no one can do more for you

At Net Island everything is custom built to suit our clients and their customers! We do not sell pre-built templates, open source software or other products made by someone else. This is the only way that we can truly stand by the quality and security of our work.

We Take Care of Everything

There are many aspects to creating a new website. Net Island offers quality solutions and consultancy regarding all aspects of website development including:

  • Site planning, structure and ease-of-use.
  • Creative and practical design solutions.
  • Managing your own website (sometimes known as content management).
  • All aspects of e-commerce and online shopping.
  • Search engine results and online advertising.
  • Integration with existing software, websites and intranets.
  • All Domains Registered and Managed
  • Secure website hosting
  • Reliable email accounts

Net Island – Since 2000 – We’re Experienced and Here to Stay

As a Founding Member of the United Kingdom Web Designers Association, we are committed to the long-term quality and growth of the web design industry. Our professional staff who have spent all of their entire professional working lives in the industry.

Founding members of The UK Web Designers Association

Founding members

UKWDA is an association that was formed a decade ago to help promote and instill a trust in Web Designers. Net Island UK has been there right from the start and, just like the UKWDA, is committed to raising the standard of web development by enforcing an industry code of ethics and providing an essential layer of security to an otherwise un-regulated industry.

Our Clients Vouch for Us

Most of our work is from very positive word of mouth so don’t just take our word for it, read a few testimonials from our “ecstatic” clients who are receiving “great feedback” about the “professional, innovative and creative” websites that we have developed for them.

We Are Up With The Play

We all know that technology is moving at an incredible rate of knots and the web development industry is no exception. Coding practices, design styles, fads and promotional options are continually evolving and it is vital that your web design company is up with the play.

It is important that the code behind your website is in line with modern, international standards and best practices. Long gone are the days of 90’s-style “table” and “frame” based coding, it is our company policy for all our websites to utilise the latest “table-free CSS” layout techniques. This in turn gives our websites many important advantages:

  • A lot more control over design.
  • Much less code behind the scenes.
  • Faster page load times.
  • Streamlined updating in the future.
  • Better support for different web browsers.
  • A more Google-friendly site.

We are serious about your security.

It is not just online shop owners who need to be concerned about online security, this issue affects us all. There are various aspects to online security, two major questions to consider are: what software is running my website and where is my website stored?

Because we host 95% of the websites we produce ‘in-house’ on our operated and owned servers and fully self managed network, we can bring you an unprecedented level of service and security. We think it just makes sense. After all, no one knows your site like us, and therefore doesn’t it just seem rather silly to place it in someone else’s hands?