Services overview

    • Website Designers.     It’s still our primary function as a business. Designing fresh, new, unique and effective websites for businesses, individuals, radio stations, local councils, in fact, we really have created websites for just about every sector.

    • Print and Design Services Since 2010, we have offered high quality Print and Design at incredible prices. All scaled to your exact requirements. Designed with you in mind, we really can do everything you need to superbly meet your printing needs.

Media Streaming – SHOUTcast Hosting Our SHOUTcast plans are low cost and high quality. Aimed at professional broadcasters who require a solution that will offer them unparalleled uptime and the very best quality. We don’t think you will find a better SHOUTcast host anywhere. Try or yourself.


Creating and Hosting Your Website, Data and Back End Systems

Net Island is a pretty unique company. Unlike so many other designers out there, we have invested heavily in our own in house systems and now run a comprehensive, enterprise level hosting network. Everything we create, we can host here. That gives you, and frankly us too, unprecedented control and security.
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Support and Ongoing Development

Here’s a challenge. Ask anyone who has ever worked with us about the level of interest we take in getting your business looking, feeling, and operating ‘just right’ online, and they will all say the same. No one does more, takes more time to get to know what you need, and then helps you 100% to achieve your goals. We are not the type of people who say ‘tara’ as soon as our work is done.

We don’t do this is an obtrusive way. All we do is listen to you. Listen to what you need. Sometimes, we’ll suggest ways that we can help that you may not have previously thought of. That’s what we do. create, suggest, support. It’s the way we have always operated, and it’s why so many of our clients stay with us always. And why they trust us completely.

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