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Welcome to Net Island – Website Designers

Since we first created our first website, way back in the summer of 2000, we couldn’t have guessed just how many effective, satisfying, downright fun and totally amazing years were to follow. Innovations, new technology, ever changing trends, the explosion of social media, it’s been an absolute blast. We’ve helped countless individuals and businesses make a real impact online, and we are particularly proud of ourselves for that.

So, now it’s time to help you make your move online, with a company that will, in just one step, take care of all your needs online.

Firstly, we need to understand what you require. Perhaps you do too. That’s the beauty of coming to a professional designer. We are here to make it work for you. So, we hope by outlining the main categories of website we can create, we can start that process for you. Remember though, whatever your idea, whatever your vision, there really are no boundaries.


 Brochure Websites

Glossy, feature rich, and ready to impress! When you want to make a real impression, and your business is ready to show off a little, you need a Brochure Site. Or, if you have a portfolio of work, that is representative of what it is that you do, then this is also ideal for you. It enables you to show what it is you do in a far more positive and appealing way than if you went for a standard business site.

And that’s why, if you’re a painter or decorator, a musician, a builder, an architect, a gardener, etc, etc, and you actually go and create what you do for your clients, rather than simply sell them a product, this is the type of site for you.

And very few can create outstanding brochure sites like us! We understand that, when it’s the standard of your work, the fruit of your own hands that is on the table, and it is this that is the very thing you are trying to sell, you need to get your message out and across to your potential new customers at first go!

We get it. We understand that.

Our brochure sites usually consist of :

Unique and specially created look and feel

A glossy, impressive, and highly graphical front page

Multiple areas and pages

A powerful Portfolio Area, where you can showcase what you do

An area of customer praise and testimonials

A carefully constructed and word crafted layout


 Start Ups

There is an old adage… that goes “If you are in business, YOU MUST have a website!” Well, we would say that was right, to a certain degree. But actually, we would go a step further. And give a few words of warning too.

Just having a website IS NOT enough. And, to take it a step further (once again), having a badly designed website, or one that is simply a means to an end, and subsequently looks like it, will not only have a negative influence over your customers, it could actually be hurting your business too.

And it’s when you’re re starting your business that this is particularly apparent.

The one amazing thing about the Internet is that it gives everyone a level playing field on which to operate. Get your business off to a good start, make it look professional from day one, and with obvious good intent, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been doing what you do for a week, or a year, or a lifetime. Creating the right impression is what we will help you to get right – right from day one!

Our starter web packages are not only great value, but they will give you the impetus to grow quicker, and more smartly. Make no bones, image is everything, and with Net Island, your start up business, or just your first ever website, will look absolutely supreme.

Starter Websites usually consist of :

1 to five pages of information

Professionally designed template

Concise contact form for clever marketing and knowledge foundation

Intelligent Search Engine Optimisation to get you off the ground running

Did You Know…?

Start up websites start from as little as £99.99 for a one page Business Card. And with a fully fledged 5 to 7 page website with a unique look and feel, especially created for you and your business, from as little as £699, isn’t it time you spoke to the north east’s best established web designers? After all, there’s no substitute for experience. 


Makes you wonder, what are your waiting for, doesn’t it?