Brochure Sites

For businesses that really want to show off

Glossy, feature rich, and ready to impress

When you want to make a real impression, and your business is ready to show off a little, you need a Brochure Site. Or, if you have a portfolio of work that is representative of the work you do, then this is also ideal for you. It enables you to show what it is you do in a far more positive and appealing way than if you went for a standard business site.And that’s why, if you’re a painter or decorator, a musician, a builder, a architect, a gardener, etc, etc, and you actually go and create what you do for your clients, rather than simply sell them a product, this is the type of site for you.And few can create brochure sites like us! We understand that, when it’s the standard of your work, the fruit of your own hands, and it is this that is the very thing you are trying to sell, you need to get your message out and across to your potential new customers as quickly. We get it. We understand that.Our brochure sites usually consist of :

Unique and specially created look and feel

A glossy, impressive, and highly graphical front page

Multiple areas and pages

A powerful Portfolio Area, where you can showcase what you do

An area of customer praise and testimonials

A carefully constructed and word crafted layout

Customer Contact Form

Of course, the very nature of a Brochure Type website means that each one is constructed in it’s own individual way, so they represent you in a unique way. Our Brochure Sites are designed to impress, and showcase what it is you do so well.

Prices start from under £500. Please speak to us for a more tailored price point.