Power Packed Content Management

Our POWERHOUSE Content Management System.The Net Power Content Management System is a set of easy-to-use website editing tools to give control of website updates to every-day people with little or no training.

We built The Net Power Content Management System from scratch because no other product in the market focused on making website management simple for non-technical people. So we have automated the essentials and built smart step-by-step procedures to guide you through the rest.

Let’s Make It Simple

We’ve kept it easy and simple. Our Content Manager enables you to do it at your pace. As much, as little, as you need and then some. With an interface that allows you 100% control, and is tailored exactly to your needs, without ‘bloat’ or unnecessary extras, this really is the dream system for the content administrator.

Easy Pages

Hands up all of those who have found the task of creating new pages and areas a bit of a chore? Well, not with our Content Manager! Simple, two click control, and you’re done. Decide whether the page will be displayed in the all site navigation, or display it under a ‘sub-parent’ group of pages. It’s an absolute doddle.


Smart Images

Load images straight off your digital camera or your computer. Images are automatically resized and optimised for the web and effects are instantly applied to suit your site: rounded corners, shadows, logo watermarking, click to enlarge and more. everything is CSS controlled too. So, no matter what your site visitor is using, they will see the images as you, the content creator, intended. It’s wonderful.

Powerful Tools

We know from what you tell us that there are many Content Managers out there that, well, simply don’t allow you the freedom to create fully. That won’t happen with ours. We’ve created a system that lets you take full control, of every element. To keep things simple, we’ve locked away things like CSS and Data manipulation. Template and Theme changes are also out of site. However, if you really want to take control, we have a special control complete panel just for you. It reveals all of these ‘inners’ for you to take control of. There’s little need to ever speak to your designer again. We’ll miss you of course, but we know you’ll be ‘free as a bird’ creating in style.

Site Members

Many small sites need only one or two Administrators. When your organisation grows, or you want to employ an entire team to run your online operation, we have a system that allows you to assign as many Project Administrators as you wish, and furthermore, assign roles and and protect different levels of the site’s integrity. Protecting each others individual content. It’s the most secure and simple to use Role System.


As we have said, you have full control over who can edit different parts of the website, you can also password protect access to any pages. And, because we host on our own network, fewer ‘outside’ elements can effect the security and the integrity of your website. We do it this way because it simply makes sense to us.


News and Events Calendars

Simple “what’s on this month” lists or full searchable calendars are handled by our events module. Event registration forms and automatic archiving are also handled.


Blogs and Forums

Offer your customers and site visitors a unique place to discuss your products and services while drawing hits to your site. Visitors can subscribe to a topic so that they are emailed about new comments. Social networking can also be integrated with great ease.


Polls and Surveys

Keep track of what your customers are thinking by running a simple poll or a complex survey. Set them up, schedule the start and end dates and track results.


Image and Video Galleries

For large numbers of images and videos we have dedicated galleries. Images can be displayed as a pop-up gallery, slide show, light box and many other ways.


Site Search

Allow your visitors to search your entire website. The search system will scan your page titles, content, galleries and all other modules for the most accurate results.


Email Marketing

Send messages at any time, manage your subscribers and track your success with real-time reports on clicks and opens – all by simply logging into your own site.


Importing and Exporting

Many modules automatically produce RSS feeds for visitors and other websites to subscribe to. Automatic importing of data from other websites via RSS is also available.


Member Lists and Searches

Staff can be automatically extracted from the member database and displayed on the site. Selected member groups can be searched through with our member search system.


Online Shopping

Selling your products and services online is simpler than ever. Our systems will take care of all of your online store’s needs, including taking orders, updating stock levels, taking payment, sending invoices, creating customer loyalty by automatically sending emails to dormant customers, and so, so much more.

Our Content Management System makes life easy!

There was a time, not that long ago, when getting your website updated was either something you had to pay us, your designers, to do. Or employ an IT Web Expert to do it for you. Expensive, time consuming and often slow going.

Those days have most definitely gone, thanks to our simple to use, fully comprehensive Content Management System.

  • Make DEEP changes without compromising the website’s look or feel.
  • Never need the help of your IT Developer or Designer for those everyday jobs again.
  • Save a fortune doing tasks quickly and easily, you simply log in and away you go!
  • Need a new page? Just click ‘ADD NEW! It really is that easy.
  • Want to edit current content? Not a problem. Type it, delete it, save it for later. Never before have you had so much control at your fingertips!

Control From Anywhere

You can access your website, make changes to the pages, images, texts, even products you sell, from any internet enabled tablet, phone or computer. It’s so easy and we know you will love the way this works!


Oh, and did we say IT IS EASY to use? After all, there is no point of a Content Management System that actually impedes your performance.

Net Power Content Manager is everything a CMS should be… and more.