data1Full Website, Data and Email Hosting

We offer the full works when it comes to taking care of you online. Your website, data, email, all hosted in house. And with high speed Dell Servers, the latest software and security, and support that is second to none, it’s little wonder that 90% of our design customers also take our comprehensive hosting too.

We think you’ll love the way we do business, and you’ll adore the way we look after every aspect of your business online. One call. That’s it. We take care of the rest.

data2Reliability and First Class Trusted Support

We’re very proud of the services we provide. Our hosting service for example. We have an enviable 100% uptime for the past 12 months, with scheduled updates taking place only at night, to ensure that there is no major disruption. And, with full and up front information about the work we are carrying out in advance, you can be sure that what we offer is a true hosting ‘plan’.

data3Best Quality Servers and Top Technology

Net Island web hosting is based on Windows 2012 servers running IIS  located in the UK. All Windows web site hosting plans come with an easy to use web control panel allowing you to manage email, web stats, databases and ftp users as well as the latest version of the .NET framework.

If you prefer, we can offer you fully managed hosting, whereby we take care completely of all of your needs. Just call or email support, 24 hours a day, request your changes, and we will do the rest within 6 hours. Simple and hassle free. And it doesn’t cost a penny more.

data4Premier Hosting For Our Customers

At this time, we do not offer stand alone hosting to customers who do not take our design services. This is to allow our design customers to benefit from ‘bloat free’ servers, ensuring that this service really is rather special. High end, top quality hosting for our design customers.

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Professional, Enterprise Website Hosting

Your website looks great. Your designer has just finished it, and it’s all shiny and ready to go. But what now? Where do you put it?

At Net Island, we decided a long time ago that the best way to deal with you, our valued customer, is to offer you a more complete and comprehensive service. And, one area where a lot of designers cannot help you is with website hosting.

We can.

We have developed our own hosting business. Net Power is an in house hosting services package that we offer to all of our customers. By maintaining our own network and servers, we get unprecedented control over your entire web project. This gives us access to any area of your online business, making it easier and much, much quicker, to deal with issues, changes, upgrades, etc.


Get Free Hosting For The First 12 Months – Then 20% Off Forever!

Right now, we are offering all of our new clients the opportunity to take up a very special offer. We will design your websites, and then when they require ‘live’ status, we won’t add a penny to your design costs for a full 12 months.

That’s a great sounding deal, isn’t it? Well, there’s more. Take any design package with us and we’ll also offer you 20% off the normal costs of hosting forever! That means a standard website could cost as little as around £40.00 per year to keep it online. And, unlike some similar special deals, we won’t host your site on a secondary server either. You’ll get the same top notch services as all of our customers.

This amazing deal is for a limited time only. So, be sure to catch this one while you can. Speak to our design team right away for more information, or call us on 0843 289 0980.


Why Is Hosting In-House So Important?

Let’s imagine that your website designer has finished your site. Normally, they’d then go and assist you with a hosting plan elsewhere.

That’s fine, except when something needs changing technically, or there is a problem with the service.

Let’s take the latter.
Your website looks great, it’s been live, it’s doing well, but it’s 11 O’clock on a Saturday night and it has suddenly gone offline. You call your designer. He’s available, great. But unfortunately, when he hears that this is a hosting issue, then the only option open to him is to do exactly what you have done – call the hosting company, separately.

And, your designer may will be the best supporter of your business in the land. But, what if the hosting company is not.

At Net Island, this will never happen. We have immediate access to your website, right down to the last dot and dash!

So, with in house hosting from Net Island, we really do have it covered.